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A-OK Appliance Repair - Phone 087 2917495

We repair Washing Machines, Dryers, Dishwashers, Electric Ovens, Vacuum Cleaners and Fridges.

First thing to do before calling me would be to take a picture of the machine in place and a separate one of the label with the model number on it. (Normally found on or in around the door) From this information I will already know a lot about your machine and common problems that occur with them. Let me know if it’s a convenient time to call you, when I do I will ask you details of what has gone wrong with your appliance.

On arrival I will conduct a full safety electrical test on your machine and start testing components to find out the fault. I will know the make and model of your machine from talking to you on the phone and will have spare parts with me. Ideally I will quickly diagnose the fault, repair it and will run a test on your machine to make sure all is well before leaving. (See the paragraph below for average costs)

This is my small business and it will be me you are dealing with on the phone, you can be sure of a professional and friendly service. My number is 087 2917495. (If you prefer you can email me liammurray530@gmail.com)

Best Regards,

Liam Murray.


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General Information



Why is my washing Machine not working?   


None of us realise how much we rely on our washing machine until it breaks down. Washing piles grow like they have a life of their own. Your machine is an amazing piece of technology that has many complex parts inside that interact with each other. It vibrates and spins at tremendous speed while mixing water and electricity in a metal case. It’s inevitable that something will eventually break.

We have all been in the situation where we are packing black bin bags with the dirty washing and calling to our parents home to use theirs. You can survive without other appliances a lot longer than your washing machine.

This is where I come in, I love investigating problems and solving them. It gives me great satisfaction to push your machine back into place and tell you that it’s good to go. I carry the most common spare parts for most machines and the plan is always to fix it straight away. If I do need a part not in stock I would normally have it next day.

Common machine problems are: No water entering machine. Machine filling when not supposed too. The machine won’t drain properly. Water not heating correctly. Overfilling with water. Leaking. Unusual washing machine smells. Programmes not completing or stopping mid-cycle. Laundry not cleaning properly. Washing machine error codes. Flashing lights and ceased operation. Continuously clicking program selector knobs. Electrical problems (tripping & fusing etc.). Drum won’t spin. Excess noise. Fabric conditioner not been used/compartment full of water. Broken knobs or switches.

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What can I expect to pay for a repair?


Ideally I want to call and fix your machine quickly and without any fuss. My call out fee is €59. For this I will run a full safety check your machine and start investigating what could be wrong. This involves testing each component in your machine. Sometimes a part fails because something further back on the circuit has gone wrong.


Most spare parts are between €20-€30 for Washing Machines, dishwashers and dryers. Oven and fridge parts can cost slightly more. The average repair cost is €80. 


For me to call out takes time and costs money. I will always try and see if your machine is worth repairing on the phone. When a machine has a fault that is hard to diagnose it can take a lot longer to repair and in some cases a part like the Timer or Module is gone and your machine is not worth repairing. It is not possible to test quickly for this type of fault and it is normally by process of elimination that we would be left with this problem. It can happen and I would prefer if it didn’t but at this stage I would have been working for some time on your machine.

Last year I had a lady with a dishwasher that kept tripping the fuse board. There are normally four faults that can cause this but after stripping the machine down everything checked out and the parts tested as working correctly. After a lot of investigating it turned out there was a small gap in a rubber seal and steam was getting up into the control board and causing the fuse board to trip. The point is sometimes appliance faults are not straight forward and the outcome of a successful repair is not certain. In this case it was and only cost €59 as I was able to repair the seal and no new parts were needed. The appliance was a good make and my customer was delighted!

This is the risk sometimes, your €59 could be spent finding out your machine is beyond repair or in this case could save you €440. (the dishwasher is still working perfectly!)




Is it worth fixing or will I buy a new one?

In most cases the answer is Yes!

All mechanical things break down eventually, thankfully in most cases they are easily repaired. The average cost of repair in 45% of case is €59. If you fall into the next 40% and need parts the average cost is €79. I will ask you questions about your machine on the phone before calling out to see if it beyond repair, for example if it is an old and inexpensive model or it sounds like it is a major repair.

To replace your machine with something half decent would cost €400-€500. New decent machines only last about five years before breaking down. A repair could keep your machine going this long! When you remove the fancy covers they are the same inside. In fact a lot of older machines were made to last and are out lasting new machines. Manufacturer's keep cutting production costs by making parts cheaper.

Appliance machines are there to serve you, they are not like TV's which provide entertainment and you can sit back and enjoy a movie on a larger and clearer screen. Harvey Norman and Power City advertise new machines very cheap but they are not good quality. Very few people buy them, it is the salesman’s job to talk you into buying something more expensive when they have you in front of rows of shiny new ones. (They all work on obtaining high sales figures) They will point out machines with function’s that seem dazzling but you will never use. Like seriously, who needs to turn on their machine remotely using their mobile phone? How many times for example have you used the functions on your microwave other than heating your food?

My advise would be to save your €400-€500 on something better.

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